You may have heard media reports about the Heartbleed bug, an online vulnerability which has left passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information at risk across numerous sites.

First Federal Bank has assessed this vulnerability, and we feel confident that our systems are not at risk based on our analysis. All necessary software and security controls are in place to combat this vulnerability. The security of our customer information remains a top priority.

We do recommend you determine whether other websites you visit are at risk from the bug rather than assuming your information will be protected. Here are some tips to help protect yourself on other sites:

1- Log out of all accounts and then change your passwords after the site has issued a patch for Heartbleed.

2- To verify that a site has fixed the bug, look for the padlock at the bottom right-hand corner of your browser that tells you your session has been encrypted using an SSL product.

3- Please remember to monitor sensitive accounts, especially those containing financial information, to check for suspicious activity.

You can find a list of sites affected here:

Additionally, the site LastPass has created a Heartbleed checker, which lets you enter the URL of a site to verify whether or not it’s affected, and if the site has issued a patch for the bug:


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