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My First Federal Bank mortgage lender is my go-to partner.

“Really it's true, everywhere you turn it's about the people there, it's not like you're banking... when you go to the bank, you go to the bank for money, but you don't keep banking with a bank for the money, you keep banking with the bank for the people.”

Born and raised in the community, Patrick got to know First Federal Bank as a trusted lender. Interested in purchasing a rental home, Patrick relied on First Federal Bank to help him understand the unique financial implications of owning multiple properties. First Federal Bank was able to offer the expertise that helped Patrick refinance his existing home, save money on his mortgage and help him become a landlord.

Patrick and Nissa Calvelage

Becoming a rental property owner is a challenging experience. Patrick was in this situation when he discovered the house next door to his was for sale. He reached out to First Federal Bank to see how he could purchase it, intending to rent it out. With help from the lenders, he bought the new rental house, and that wasn’t all. “We worked through the process and actually it made sense for me to refinance my own home at the same time,” says Patrick. “My lender helped me work through that, and everything went pretty slick.” As a bank known for building relationships, Patrick turned to First Federal Bank for a vehicle loan for the car he’d always wanted.

After the loan for his new car, an even bigger opportunity presented itself. Patrick worked in the construction business for years and decided he was ready to lead his own team. He approached the owner of a construction company to purchase an existing company and began to work on a purchase agreement. He worked with his lender at First Federal Bank again and she swiftly to introduced him to their commercial lending team. Before long, Patrick was the proud owner of a construction company.

Patrick utilized nearly every service First Federal Bank has to offer, and he’s still not finished. He’s looking into buying a lot on a lake near where he grew up, hoping to build a home there with his wife. Patrick believes First Federal Bank isn’t just a bank, they’re a team of people who do all they can in order for the dreams of their customers to come true.

When it comes to the First Federal Bank difference, Patrick puts it best. “I build buildings by trade, and I was thinking, why do I do what I do? Why would a banker do what they do?” he says. “It all comes back to people. What's most important is the people that are going to work in this building, people are going to live in this building, people are going to play in this building. That's why we do what we do, and it feels like First Federal Bank does the same thing.”

First Federal Bank helped Patrick gain a new rental house, refinance his home, own a new a car, and purchase a business. Going forward, he knows that First Federal Bank will be there for him every step of the way for all of his milestones.


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