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My First Federal Bank mortgage lender helped us close our loan in less than 30 days.

“Everything just went so smoothly with First Federal Bank. We felt that we had somebody on our side, and it was so easy. It didn't feel like we were jumping through hoops. We closed fast.”

With an empty nest, Mark and Phyllis wanted a home that would be comfortable for recreation and retirement. Having always wanted to build, they decided it was time. When they ran into challenges getting a construction loan, a builder recommended First Federal Bank as a community-based lender. Understanding the local area and their needs, First Federal Bank was able to help Mark and Phyllis break ground for the home they had always wanted and fast.

Mark and Phyllis Panning

When Mark and Phyllis Panning got married, he promised to build her a house. Over 35 years later, after raising a family and living in two starter houses, they were able to finally find a lot and start the process to create their dream home. They started the construction loan process with a bank they had previously worked with. Appraisals from their bank took months; and at end of the process, the pricing was wrong. Phyllis explains, “There's no way you can build a house for what she was appraising it for.” The weather was getting cold as winter approached, and the likelihood of breaking ground before the year ended was slim.

Mark and Phyllis finally found success when their builder suggested they try getting a construction loan through First Federal Bank. As a local bank, the lenders with First Federal Bank hired a local appraiser whose knowledge of the area provided the Pannings with the right appraisal and price. Phyllis says, “She called us right away and assured us that she was going to walk us through the process and try to get it done expediently.”

They did just that. Incredibly, the speed and dedication of First Federal Bank allowed the loan to close less than 30 days after starting the process. Mark and Phyllis broke ground and installed the foundation before winter arrived.

First Federal Bank believes that banking with people from the community propels them to work swiftly and diligently—Mark and Phyllis’ story of their dream home certainly reflects that. As Phyllis says, “We felt that we had somebody on our side and it was so easy. Here's what you need, you provide it, we're done. She got the appraisal in within in a day or two. Boom, the appraisal's back, and it matched what we were looking for. We closed fast, and it's just amazing how nice it's been working with First Federal Bank.”


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