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Financial Travel Checklist

To ensure your trip goes off without a hitch, here are some key items for your traveling checklist.

Money Market Accounts & CDs Explained

These savings options can offer a bigger bang for the buck than a standard savings account and are easy to apply for online. Here are the basics of CDs and MMAs and how they can benefit you and your savings goals.

How Credit Scores Are Calculated

Credit scores are an important part of your financial well-being so it’s important to know how this number is calculated, what a good credit score looks like and how you can monitor what is being reported.

How to Create a Simple Budget

Building a budget can be a great way to plan for the future, help you create an emergency fund and spend within your means.

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Fixing bad credit is worth the effort, it can help you qualify for a mortgage or get a lower interest rate on your credit card.

How to Get Out of Debt

Having a large amount of debt increases the amount of stress and worry in your life, so we have captured a few strategies for you to take to help you get out debt.

Six Money Saving Tips for College Students

Here are the top six ways you can save the most while in class so that you can avoid adding more to your overall financing total.

The Truth About Payday Loans

If you need some cash quickly, and are thinking about getting a payday loan, think again. Learn the truth about payday lending and explore several alternative personal loan options that are a smarter choice.

Estate Planning Documents

Emotional and financial security comes with proper planning.

Retirement Planning

Your future depends on how you manage your money today. We're here to help with advice about navigating the road toward and through retirement.

Everyday Personal Finance

The daily decisions you make about using money have a tremendous impact on your finances. When you need advice, tools or resources, we are here for you.

Cash-Out Refinances vs. Home Equity Line of Credit

Which option makes most sense when trying to get the most of our your home's equity.

Mortgage Closing Costs Explained

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about home loan closing costs.

Finding a Mortgage Lender

Finding the right partner can make all the difference when purchasing a new home

How Much Home Can I Afford?

Ready to figure out how much home you can afford? Consider these six factors to determine what you should spend on your monthly mortgage payment.

Home Mortgage Application Checklist

Ready to sign on the dotted line? Here is a quick run-down of documents for your mortgage application.

Tips for Graduating Students

Graduation marks a big turning point in life. First, CELEBRATE! You did it! Next, prepare to get your financial footing. 
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