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Using People Pay

No more IOUs. Send money to anyone, anytime using their email address or mobile number with People Pay.

Card Controls

Turn your card on and off within seconds of it is temporarily misplaced to prevent fraud.

Budgeting in College

Roughing it while in school can be well… rough. Here are some tips to help keep some cash in your wallet.

Tips for Newlyweds

It’s not the most romantic topic but it is definitely one of the most important. Have you and your spouse discussed finances?

Deposit Checks from Your Phone

Learn how to use Mobile Deposit with First Federal Bank’s mobile banking app.

Preparing Finances for a New Baby

For all the joy they bring, babies can take a lot out of your monthly budget. Here are a few tips to keep your finances in check.

Savings Tips for Becoming a Millionaire

Yes, it is possible to reach millionaire status without buying a single lottery ticket.

Home Improvements that Pay Off

Some DIYs can turn into a real flop. Here is a quick breakdown of how you can update your home without going broke.

Using Your Mobile Wallet

Forget about lugging around a thick wallet. Pay quickly and securely with Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay and Android Pay™.

Transfer Funds from Your Phone

With our mobile banking app you can conveniently transfer funds. It's one more way your phone and First Federal Bank are Better Together!

Pay Bills from Your Phone

Use Bill Pay to make payments at your convenience with just a few swipes of your finger.

How to Enroll in OnLine Banking

First Federal Bank's OnLine Banking provides everything you need to manage money anywhere and is safe, convenient and easy to use.

Building Better Communities - Project Playhouse

Go behind the scenes on First Federal Bank's Project Playhouse build.
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