Card Controls

Left your card behind at a restaurant? Lock it until you get it back. Headed somewhere new for vacation? Control where your card can be accepted.

This is a transcript of the video above.
Have 24/7 control of your card outside of traditional banking hours with First Federal Bank Card Controls. To enable your debit card from our app. Go to More. Tap Card Controls. Select the debit cards you like to enable. With your card enabled, you can decide how and where your debit card is used. If you happen to temporarily misplace your debit card, quickly turn it on and off. Just select your debit card and slide the enable for use bar. From there you can also set limits based on transaction types, merchant types and threshold amount. You can limit your card use by location. This is a great feature when you travel to new destinations. The First Federal Bank app gives you the power to keep your debit card safe. After all that’s what makes us better together.
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