After the close of business on January 31, 2020, First Defiance Financial Corp., holding company for First Federal Bank and First Insurance Group, and United Community Financial Corp. (United Community), holding company for Home Savings Bank and James & Sons Insurance, completed their strategic merger announced in early September 2019.
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Home Savings Bank is now part of First Federal Bank!

We are pleased to provide information on the progress of our merger. We will continue to share important information by updating this page, and we encourage you to check back for updates or contact us at 1-877-367-8178 if your questions are not answered here. 


What Does This Mean for You?

For our customers, this means very few changes right now beyond Home Savings Bank, now part of First Federal Bank of the Midwest appearing on account documents for Home Savings Bank in advance of the launch of our new name later in the year. You can expect our long-standing, community banking philosophy of superior customer service, personalized financial solutions for both personal and business customers, and a commitment to our communities to continue. We will then proudly be a stronger, larger community bank with a new brand offering an expanded branch footprint of 77 full-service branches and 12 mortgage loan offices. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be any changes to my accounts and the way I bank now that the merger is complete?

A: You will continue to bank as you normally do by using the same checks, debit and credit cards, PINs, online services, and mobile apps as you always have. Your customer account numbers also will remain the same for the time being. Please rest assured that you will be notified well in advance of any changes to your accounts and services as we fully integrate our two organizations early in the third quarter of 2020. Once the integration is complete, you will enjoy a larger community bank with a new name and an expanded branch network of 77 full-service locations and 12 mortgage loan offices to continue the tradition of putting the customer first. New deposit accounts and loans will be opened as First Federal Bank accounts, as the legal entity.

Q: When can I start using Home Savings Bank and/or First Federal Bank branches and ATMs?

A: Processes are still underway to fully integrate our two banks, so First Federal Bank is unable to perform any transactions at a branch for Home Savings Bank customers and vice versa. Once the integration is complete, customers will be able to use an expanded branch network of 77 full-service branch locations and 12 mortgage loan offices to continue the tradition of putting the customer first. Both banks are part of the MoneyPass® network, giving you access to cash at over 32,000 ATMs nationwide without a surcharge fee. First Federal Bank customers cannot make deposits at Home Savings Bank ATMs and vice versa until we are fully integrated early in the third quarter of 2020.

Q: Will First Federal Bank and Home Savings Bank both be changing their names as part of this merger? 

A: An exciting, new name and logo that captures this enhanced brand for our combined organization is coming later in 2020. We are carefully working through the research and legal processes for a new name and logo that aligns with the value we provide to our customers and communities, as well as our vision for the future. 

Q: What happens to my FDIC Insurance now that the two banks have merged?

A: Standard FDIC insurance coverage is $250,000 per depositor, per FDIC-insured bank, per ownership category (individual, joint, etc.). If you have deposit accounts at both Home Savings Bank and First Federal Bank and the combined total is $250,000 or less (including accrued interest), all of your funds will be fully protected after the merger. If this transition causes your total deposits to exceed $250,000, funds in those accounts will be separately insured – as if the two banks are still operating separately – for a period of six (6) months after January 31, 2020, and possibly longer for certificates of deposit (CDs). This time will allow you to work with a bank representative to restructure your accounts, if necessary. Please contact us if you have FDIC coverage concerns.

Q: Did any branch locations, Wealth Management and Commercial Offices/LPOs close?

A: Since we operate in market areas with little overlap, no branches, Wealth Management or Commercial Offices/LPOs were closed. We continue to serve customers in the same branches and offices. All contact information remains the same too.


Thank you!

Thank you for the trust you continue to place in us as your financial partner. Know that we are working hard to ensure a smooth transition for you and that you will receive additional insights and notifications in the coming months to keep you informed of any actions needed on your part as we work to fully integrate our two organizations.